Fibre Glass Solutions

Trellis Growing Systems

Engineered Structures Canada manufactures many structural fiberglass components in the Rotating Cross Armô (RCA) and Adjustable Vô (AV) trellis systems. These innovative systems allow blackberries to be grown in colder, harsher climates, like the Midwestern U.S.

Ohney Boat Docks

Ohney docks are more rugged and long-lasting than wood, thanks to Engineered Structures Canada 's high-tech composites. This modular pultruded FRP system is simple to install, remains cool in the hot sun, and features a non-slip surface.


OSCO's fiberglass reinforced plastic material is well suited for utility markers because it's non-conductive and has high impact strength, and it won't rust, rot or bow.

Weirs Baffles

Engineered Structures Canada offers a pultruded FRP weir and baffle system for the water/wastewater market. Configurations include V-notched, effluent, rectangular and sharp-crested weirs, made to your specifications. The system is also available with an NSF 61 potable water certification.


Engineered Structures Canada 's fiberglass-reinforced "sticks" provide a strong, weather-resistant option for framing utility buildings and sheds.

Utility Poles

Engineered Structures Canada 's pultruded fiberglass utility poles and cross-arms are stronger than traditional wood options, yet they cost less, weigh less and last longer. They're also non-conductive and they don't require toxic wood preservatives.

Custom FRP Structures

Some projects call for more than individual FRP profiles or "sticks." When you need an FRP assembly or FRP system, contact Engineered Structures Canada . Just send us your requirements, and we'll prepare the pieces you need for fast, easy installation on the job.

System components can be cut, drilled and shipped assembled, partially assembled or ready to assemble based on your specs. Structural fiberglass is lightweight and easy to handle, so on-site fabrication is a snap with standard tools. And once it's in place, it won't rot, decay, rust or corrode for years to come. The following are just a few examples:


  • Ladder and Cage Systems

  • Stair Assemblies

  • Handrails

  • Catwalks

  • Platforms