Fibre Glass Solutions

PROGrid® Molded Phenolic Grating USCG Approval #164.040/14/0 1.5" x 1.5" x 6" PH 1.5" Thick, 55% Open

PROGrate® Pultruded Phenolic Grating USCG Approval #164.040/13/0 I 15-60 PH / I Bearing Bar 1.5" Thick, 60% Open

Our phenolic grating products are manufactured to the highest quality standards using fiberglass reinforcement and a phenolic resin system. These products are USCG level 2 approved.


  • Offshore platforms
  • Marine and ocean-going vessels
  • Tunnels/public transportation
  • Mining
  • Public buildings
  • Industrial/processing plants
  • Refineries


  • High temperature and fire resistance
  • Low smoke and toxic fume emissions
  • Lightweight
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to install

PROGrid® Molded & PROGrate® Pultruded Phenolic Grating

PROGrid® molded and PROGrate® pultruded phenolic grating products are the ideal solution for decks, platforms, stairways and walkways that require superior resistance to fire, as well as low levels of smoke and toxic gas emissions.