Fibre Glass Solutions

Theme & Water Parks

From elaborate water park platform structures to simple theme park handrails and walkways, Engineered Structures's fiberglass reinforced plastic solves costly challenges. FRP structural shapes offer the strength of steel at a fraction of the weight and won't corrode or rust. It won't rot, warp or shrink and swell like wood. And it's durable enough to stand up to chlorinated water, chemicals and harsh weather.


Engineered Structures FRP can be formed into virtually unlimited shapes and profiles and cut on our CNC machines for ultimate design flexibility. UV protection is also available for added durability.


  • Light weight, high strength — easier to transport and install with standard tools
  • Corrosion resistant — won't rot, rust or warp and absorbs little moisture
  • Long-lasting — lower lifetime cost than traditional building materials
  • Dimensional stability — no shrinking or swelling
  • Safety — FRP is nonconductive, and non-slip surfaces are available
  • Low maintenance — molded-through color does not require painting