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An independent test laboratory has tested PROGrate® pultruded grating in accordance with ASME A112.19.8.a – 2008, section 3.2 (Ultraviolet Light Exposure), which includes ASTM D256 for izod impact and ASTM D638 for tensile strength after being subjected to accelerated UV weathering.

Completed test results have shown that PROGrate® grating has a K factor of 1.1 when calculated from section (Performance Requirements) of the ASME A112.19.8.a – 2008 specification, which is the test method for grating covering pool drains. All of Engineered Structures Canada 's grating products are available as stock panels or can be fabricated to size.


We also offer PROGrid® molded and PROGrate® pultruded grating for food processing applications. These products are manufactured using a premium food-grade polyester resin that contains no harmful ingredients and is certified by the resin manufacturer. Each panel is post-cured and detergent-washed prior to shipping.

Engineered Structures Canada certifies that our food-grade PROGrid® molded and PROGrate® pultruded FRP grating products are acceptable for use in all food and beverage processing facilities, when properly installed and maintained as an ergonomic or antislip walking floor surface or covering.These products meet USDA acceptance requirements for floor surfaces. Previously, the USDA tested all materials and products that were in any way deemed a possibility

for incidental food contact in food processing facilities. Letters of Acceptance were issued for tested, approved products. According to Appendixes A and B of the National Register (Sept. 1995), the USDA has limited its scope for the testing of construction materials that were in obvious contradiction to the original ruling and no longer issues Letters of Acceptance. Floor and wall materials should at no time come in contact with food products during the manufacturing process and therefore need not be tested for intended food contact.

Our PROGrid® molded and PROGrate® pultruded products are designed to be installed only as worker ergonomic or antislip floor grating, and Engineered Structures Canada has issued this statement as a guarantee of suitability of material for this use in food processing facilities.

VGBA Certified Drainage & Food Grade Pultruded Gratings

Engineered Structures Canada 's PROGrate® pultruded FRP grating has been tested and has met the specifications set forth by the Virginia Graeme Baker Act (VGBA) for use in VGBA compliant drain systems. This act ensures that the drainage systems are able to withstand heavy duty tasks. We also offer molded and pultruded grating for food processing applications.

PROGrate® WT 10-18, I 10-40 and I 15-40 are ideal for fabricating VGBA-compliant drain systems around pools and spas. See our Pultruded Grating section for product details.