Fibre Glass Solutions

Wastewater Water Treatment

For long-term durability, traditional materials just can't compete with Engineered Structures's FRP profiles. Fiberglass reinforced plastic won't rot, rust or corrode. It offers the flexibility of a wide range of shapes and sizes. And it delivers high strength without the weight, so facilities save on freight and installation.


Engineered Structures offers many different FRP structural shapes, including sludge flights, trash racks, cell dividers, trough components, parallel plates, gate guides and odor containment covers. We also manufacture walkways, handrails, ladders, and a weir and scum baffle product line. All products are available with NSF potable water certification.


  • Light weight, high strength — easier to transport and install with standard tools
  • Long-lasting — lower lifetime cost than traditional building materials
  • Dimensional stability — no shrinking or swelling
  • Safety — FRP is nonconductive, and nonslip surfaces are available
  • Low maintenance — molded-through color does not require painting